Starting Cobblestone

A lot of people have asked me what was the inspiration behind starting Cobblestone Productions. I’m sure you have been through the same thing, those thoughts of, “What should you do with your life?” Some of us are fortunate to know that from a young age, others like myself take a little longer to figure it out.

My passions in life are exploring, learning and creating. The age we live in is generous to somebody with my interests, the knowledge and tools available are simply endless. We live in the age of accessibility and big data; our civilizations cumulative knowledge is but a Google search and mouse click away.

Seeking out the origins of a story, or a scientific theory, finding that moment when a single person on this planet thought of something nobody else ever has ever thought of; to me is just like exploring an uncharted island or travelling over the horizon for the first time. Looking through the notebooks of Charles Darwin finding the very first time he thought of the analogy that all life had branched out like a tree from a single common ancestor and coining the term: “Tree of Life,” and then following how that theory has then propagated through our society. One man or woman can truly make a difference in this world. But how can I turn this into something I can do for a living?

Too long have these treasures of the past been restricted to the eyes of academics and hidden away from public eye. I want to celebrate these giants of our past and breath new life int their most precious works.

So we began small, a few years ago Angela (my fiance) & I started “Recreating the Past,” an Etsy store specializing in reproducing single pages of scientific texts completely by hand. We would rewrite the page, and stain it to make it appear ages and authentic. We never thought anything would come from it, how many people could share my passion out there? Well it turned out more than we thought.

We began getting orders from all over the world, and started noticing doctors and PHD students and professors were ordering our drawings! We couldn’t believe it our drawings would be hanging on the walls of real professors!! So we saved up every penny we made from selling our drawings and started to think about the next step.

Let’s make a book!

So we began researching, and made a wish list of books we would love to do. And we finally chose our first book. “Alice’s Adventures Under Ground,” the original handwritten and illustrated manuscript of Alice in Wonderland. Plus with the 150th Anniversary fast approaching I knew we had a chance to make something special. So we negotiated with the licence holders the British Library for six months, and finally came to an agreement.

As this post is focused around Cobblestone Productions, I will be brief about the Kickstarter campaign as I will cover this in another post. We spent another 6 months perfecting the images and getting them ready for print. We produced 4 prototype versions and got them sent off for approval. Once approved, we launched on Kickstarter. 30 days later we were over 550% funded, with over 1081 backers! We were blown away.

So here we are, from humble beginnings we are publishing our first major reproduction, & the first of many! We have already begun work on our next 4 publications that we hope to have out all in 2016. We are planning our first book launch for Alice’s Adventure later in the year. We are excited about the future potential of Cobblestone Productions, and I hope you are too.

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