Cobble News No. 4 – EOFY and New Project Announcements

It has been far too long since I provided an update on our current projects or let you know what we have been up to. So please pull up a chair, get comfortable; perhaps grab a coffee or a tea and join me for Cobble News no.4

EOYF Sale Time – Alice’s Adventure’s 15% Off! & 20% Off the CobbleMuseum

It’s EOFY (End of financial year) Time! Our biggest specials of the year are running right now! – End on the 2nd July 2016! 

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20 Things you Didn’t Know about Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland, it is one of those stories that pretty much everybody knows. Whether you just saw Tim Burton’s latest Through the Looking Glass, or grew up with the Disney cartoons, in one way or another it has touched all our lives. In celebration of this story, here are 20 of the more obscure facts we could find, I bet there is a few even you didn’t know!

1. That Golden Afternoon.

The first time the story was ever told was on a weekend boat trip in Oxford. Carroll was tasked with entertaining Alice Liddell and her sisters and he told them the story of a little girl falling down a rabbit hole and discovering a wonderful world of fantasy. Now known as “That Golden Afternoon.”

2. Alice has never been out of print.

Since first being published, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has never once been out of print and has been translated into almost 200 languages. Now that’s impressive!

Read More…

The Jules Verne Project Update

Now onto the Jules Verne Project – I know a few of you are quite excited for this one to officially kick off and we are not too far away from being able to do just that. So hang tight everybody not long now!!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing the head of translation for the Jules Verne Project: Jonathan Beagley. With a  Master of Interpreting and Translation Studies obtained at Monash University in Melbourne, and  passion for French literature I know our project could not be in better hands.

We are currently translating the first edition to release, fingers crossed, in August. This will be released as an e-Book free of charge. We are really looking forward to releasing this first edition and can’t wait to show off what else we have in store for you.

For those of you thinking, “Who is this Jules Verne character anyway?” Check out this! it is a brief bio and introduction to Verne, the father of the genre of science fiction!

Visit Project Website for more info.

Coming Soon – The Dunhuang Star Atlas

A massive 3.3 meter long reproduction of the world’s first star atlas!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to announce a new project we will be launching soon, A reproduction of The Dunhuang Star Atlas – The world’s oldest surviving complete star atlas.

These are the stories I love: “In the early twentieth century, a secret cave, now known as the ‘Library Cave’, was discovered in the Buddhist Mogao cave complex (Mogaoku 莫高窟), just outside the Silk Road town of Dunhuang in northwest China. This cave had been sealed for a thousand years and contained around forty thousand manuscripts, paintings and printed documents on silk and paper. Among them, was a manuscript containing the oldest star atlas known today from any civilization, probably dating from around AD 700. It shows a complete representation of the Chinese sky in 13 charts with over 1300 stars named and accurately presented.”

The Dunhuang star atlas is one of the most spectacular documents of the history of astronomy.

I am currently writing up a detailed blog post, to describe what we will be doing, and how we are going to overcome the massive challenge of reproducing a document that is over 3 meters long – That’s 10.8 feet for our American friends!

More information will be released via our website at the start of July….

Coming Soon – The Discovery of Witches

A reproduction of a Witch Hunters Manual from 1647

There was a lot of superstition and ignorance in 17th century England. Even a birthmark in the wrong place could brand one a Witch and have them burnt at the stake!

Professionals who exposed witches could make a lot of money, as local magistrates paid the witch finder the equivalent of a month’s wage. And the busiest tradesman of all was Matthew Hopkins. (Isn’t history fun?) The ‘Witchfinder General’. He himself was responsible for the execution of over 300 women We are soon going to reproduce his little guide ‘The Discovery of Witches’, in which he describes his grim profession.

More information will be released via our website in July…

And Finally…

We are currently redesigning our main website to be more dynamic and user friendly. We have changed the foundation of our page to WordPress so that we can stop spending so much time on coding our websites and have more time to do what we do best, making awesome & unique reproductions and more importantly make it easier for you to get involved! We also hope this will give us more time to blog about what we do and the stories behind what we create. I’ve also been thinking about starting a series on how to create your own websites and start your own online business.

I would like to invite you to see a early version of the website currently in development, this newsletter is live on there right now, so you can comment and provide feedback on the site. We would LOVE to hear what you think! Here is the Development Site. Would love to get some Beta testers 🙂 – just put all feedback in the comments around the site.

Thank you again for subscribing to our newsletter and being part of the CobbleFamily. We love working on this material and it wouldn’t be possible without the support and encouragement you have given us this year. We have even more to announce in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Kind regards,

Steven Burke

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2 replies on “Cobble News No. 4 – EOFY and New Project Announcements

  • Tony Van Der Ark

    Hi, I was a backer for your book and want to say it was an amazing Xmas gift for my daughter. I have created a prototype for a book I would consider a Kickstarter sure thing…. I am a very busy senior executive for a big company and hence being time-poor thought you may be interested in a collaboration. I also live in Brisvegas. Let me know your thoughts.

    • Steven Burke

      Hey Tony!

      Sorry for the late reply – this website is relatively new and seems my notifcations are not working – Alas here we are.

      Would love to collaborate, always on the lookout for interesting projects. – I’ll also flick you an email – (Just in case my notifcations are not working the other way around)

      Thanks again for backing us – Glad to hear it has ended up in loving hands 🙂

      Cheers – Steven


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