Alice’s Adventures Under Ground

Alice’s Adventures Under Ground

The origins of a classic, brought back to life

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With the generous permission of The British Library, and in honour of the 150th Anniversary we recreated the Alice’s Adventures Under Ground manuscript. The original handwritten and illustrated version of the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Originally funded in November 2015 on Kickstarter via the Highest Funded Publishing project ever made in Australia. This project is by far our greatest accomplishment that we have been able to undertake. We are proud of what we have created and invite you to learn more about how we made these editions for you.

Alice in Wonderland long Neck

150th Anniversary Edition

Alice’s Adventures Under Ground

Alice's Adventures Under Ground - Limited Edition

Premium Edition

Adventures Under Ground - Limited Edition

Limited Edition

adventures under ground - premium edition
Launch Day - Alice's Adventure

If you haven’t seen it before, the original Alice manuscript is a thing of beauty, and unlike any other books you have read. The first time I laid eyes on the original manuscript, I just knew I needed a copy. After much research all I could find were basic facsimile reproductions that really didn’t look anything like the original book. Any book that came close, was too expensive and the edition sold out long ago.

Even those editions had the additional extras of introductions, illustrations and other features that weren’t present in the original, and also missed small but key parts of the text. I knew I had to have something more authentic, so I set out to make one.

Little did I know we had just fallen into our own little rabbit hole, and an adventure like none other was in front of us.

From the initial idea and sourcing of the images to the funding the project via our highly successful Kickstarter campaign, and finally the creation and launch day; from the start this project tested all of our abilities. Looking back on it all, I don’t think we quite realized what we had gotten ourselves into.

The goal of this project was to reproduce the original manuscript in the most authentic way possible, to stay as true to the original manuscript as we could, and to not add or subtract anything that Lewis Carroll intended to be there.

We also wanted to create an event in Brisbane to not only officially launch our edition – but to join in on the world-wide celebrations for the 150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland.

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Having never run an event before, there was no way we could have done this alone. Everybody at the Mad Hatters Bookstore put in more effort than I ever could have asked. Not only did they provide the location for the launch, but they recreated Wonderland amazingly. All the tiny little details, none of it went unnoticed.