The Periodic Table of Candles – Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Pretty cool huh? This is a relatively simple concept – A range of soy, scented candles that represents the periodic table of elements. Each element will be a unique colour and will have a unique scent. 
Recently I became a home owner – and my wife has gone absolutely crazy decorating the new house. Luckily – I like her style and am loving the decor, especially the house plants. Have you ever seen a elephant ear? Like Woah! – Anyway, I started to notice scented candles popping up all over the house. 
So I started thinking to myself – How can you make these candles into a learning opportunity, make them more interesting and make them mean something. Introducing the periodic table of candles. 
A beautiful set of minimalist handmade, scented candles that represents elements of the periodic table.

Concept Designs: Oxygen, Carbon, Helium, Hydrogen, Sodium

Concept Designs: Oxygen, Carbon, Helium, Hydrogen, Sodium

What colours & scents will they be? 

The colours is the easy part. We are going with the J-mol molecule visualizer colour scheme. Remember back to highschool, when learning about elements and we made those models? Oxygen was always red, carbon always black, hydrogen is always white etc…. 

Molecule Model - Bonus points if you can guess the molecule.

Molecule Model – Bonus points if you can guess the molecule.
 The J-mol colour scheme offers more unique colours than any other scale. So the colours of the candles will match their standard scientific colour. 
In terms of scent – Well we are still working on which exact fragrance will represent each element – But we are working on it.  

Concept design - Single Element

Concept design – Single Element

Technical Spec 

All-Natural Product
Most candles contain chemical components that are harmful not only to yourself, but also to the environment. Cobble ensures you can enjoy burning your candle safely and cleanly.
  • Wax – All-natural soy wax that is 100% paraffin free!
  • Wicks – Cotton wicks that are 100% lead-free! 
  • Fragrance – Rich and delicately balanced essential oils that are 100% chemical free!

Why do you need funding? 

The biggest hurdle, issue, opportunity to overcome a problem is the 118 variations. This is not a product we can make on demand, so will need to have stock ready to ship. There is 110 different colours, and 118 different scents, and of course 118 labels. 
We are going to keep the box standard across the range.  This will require a pretty large initial outlay to buy the equipment needed to produce our range. We are going to be making all of these ourselves in Queensland, Australia. 
We need assistance raising the funds for the equipment, supplies and of course packaging. By helping us reach this milestone – You get a great discount, become part of the family with lifetime discounts for future purchases; and if we reach our stretch targets – some awesome bonus’s – so get sharing – and help us reach that all mighty Funding Goal! 

Gift Packs Ideas

Just think of the possibilities – You could make molecule combinations like H2O – water, O2 – oxygen, C6H1206 – glucose. You could try and spell peoples names – but you might have to get creative there – We’re 100% doing the breaking bad set of 2 – Br Ba,  FrOLiC – Ohhh, ohh you can make  SAsSY….. No Freaking way:  GeNiUS. 
Wait a moment – gentlemen…. we can spell WIFe!

Concept art - Gift Sets of 4

Concept art – Gift Sets of 4
Where we are and what we need
We’re ALMOST ready to light these bad boys! We have all our materials determined, suppliers ready to fulfill orders, and have been testing our candle pouring techniques. We’re in the final stages of testing our fragrances to make sure they play nice with every candle. Now we just need $60,000 to get our first production run going! 

1. After funding is completed we will send out the Backer Questionnaire to gather order details. 
2. During this time – we will finalise the fragrance testing and confirm which scent will represent which element. Which will also allow time for the funds to be received. 
3. Orders will be placed for required equipment and supplies. 
4. Production will begin once supplies are received and is expected to take roughly 3-4 weeks. 
5. A bulk shipment will be sent to the USA for quicker and cheaper shipping to backers in the USA and Canada. 
6. Shipping will take place from the USA warehouse and Australian warehouse. 
Stretch Goals: 
$100,000 – Upgrade to wooden wick
$120,000 – Launch Party in Brisbane, Australia 
What Kickstarter is complete without a launch party. More details to come. Event will be live streamed to the world! 
$150,000 – FREE Matchbox for all! – You Get a Matchbox, You get a Matchbox – Everybody gets a Matchbox!!!

$200,000 – Upgrade to the Wick 2 – Thick wooden wicks. 
$300,000 – Launch Party in Los Angeles! 
$400,000 – Launch Party in Denver!
$505,000 – Launch Party in Some CRAZY small town anywhere in the world! Help us choose – the more remote the better! 
Here’s some more examples (mockups) of the candles. 

Here’s a list of words you can make using the Periodic Table of Candles
Here’s some inspiration! All the words that you can create using the Periodic table of Elements. 
A Element Symbol Words
   AcCePt    AcCeSS    Ac Ce S S I Bi Li Ti Es    AcCReTe    AcCrUal    AcCuRaCY    AcCUSe    AcHe    AcIDs    AcORn    AgITaTiON    AgNOSTiC    AgO    AlCoHoLiC    AlIMoNY    Am    Am Er I Ca    AmErICaN    AmISH    AmPUTaTe    AmPUTaTiON    ArGeNTiNa    AsPIrIn    AtLaNTa    AtTeNTiON    AuTiSTiC
B Element Symbol Words
   BaCoN (BAcON, BaCON)    BaNaNa    BAlLiSTiC    BaNe    BaNK    BaPTiSm    BArF    Ba Y    Be    BeArS    BeErS    BErSErK    BODy    BONFIRe    BOO    BOY    BRaIN    BUNCH    BURn    BUTaNe    BrUNCH
C Element Symbol Words
   CaN    CaNDy    CaNdY CaNE    CaNiNe    CaNNIBAl    CaP    CHeErS    CHINa    ClOCK    C O Ne    CoOK    CoPErNiCuS    COUPEs    CoW    CoVEr    COY    CoYOTe
D Element Symbol Words
   DyNAmIC    DyNAmITe    DyNaMo    DyNaSTiEs
E Element Symbol Words
   ErOsION    ErOTiC
F Element Symbol Words
   FAlSe    Fe Li Ne    FeTiSH    FIBS    FIRe    FlOg    FlOW    FOg    FLaSH    FrAcTiOn    FrOg    FrOLiC    FrY    FUN    FUNCTiONS
G Element Symbol Words
   GaSP    GeAr    GeNe    GeNeRaTiON    GeNeSiS    GeNiUS
H Element Symbol Words
   HAcK    HAlOs    HArP    HAs    HAtS    He    HeINOUS    HeLiCoPtEr    HeReTic    HI    HoNK    HOOK    HOOKErS    HoSe    HYMn    HYPErBOLiC    H Y P Er Pa Th O Ge N Es I S    H Y P O Th Al Am U S
I Element Symbol Words
   I    In    InClInEs    InSPIRe or INSPIRe    IS    IRaN    IReLaNd    IrON
K Element Symbol Words
   KICK    KINd    KNIFe    KNiTs
L Element Symbol Words
   LaDy    LaOs    LiFeSPaN    LuBrICaTiON    LuCIFEr    Lu C K Y
M Element Symbol Words
   MoCKEry    MoNaCo    MoNTaNa    MoRe    Mo U Se    MoTiOn, MoTiON
N Element Symbol Words
   NArC    NAtO    NeON    NePAl    NiTs    NO, No    NON AlCoHoLiC    NUN
O Element Symbol Words
   OF    OH    OHIO    OsMoSiS
P Element Symbol Words
   PaKISTaN    PAlEsTiNe    P H O Ne    PHYSiCs    PIRaTe    PLaY    PLaYEr    POISON    PoLiCe    PoLiSH    PoSH    PSYCHIC
R Element Symbol Words
   Ra C Co O N    RaGe    ReSeArH    ReSiN    ReSCUEs    Re S Po N Si Bi Li Ti Es    ReTiNa    ReVErSe    RhUBaRb    Ru B    RuBY    RuIn    RuN    RuNe     RuSH
S Element Symbol Words
   SAcK    SAg    SAlVAtION    SArCaSm    SAsSY    SAtIn    SCaNdAl    ScOTCH    SePTic    SiCKNeSS    SiNGaPoRe    SiPHON    SNIPEr    SOCIOPaTh    S O Mn Am B U Li Sm    SPAm    SPaN
T Element Symbol Words
   TaVErN    TaXEs    TeAcH    TeAm    TeTaNUS    TeThEr    ThAt    ThIn    TiCK    Ti C K Li S H
U Element Symbol Words
   UH    UNiON    UNReAl    UP    US    UTaH
V Element Symbol Words
   VAcCINe    VAmPIRe    VAtICaN    VErSe    VIOLiN    VIRuS    V I Sc O Si Ti Es    VOTe
W Element Symbol Words
   WAr    WAtCH    WHAt    WHeN    WHo    WIFe    WISe    WITh    WON    WONdEr    WONKY
X Element Symbol Words
   XeNoN    XeNoPHoBe
Y Element Symbol Words
   YAmS    YArDs    YArN    YOU    YUCCa