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This image is of Duchenne de Boulonge performing one of his experiments in the facial expressions of man using electrostimulus. Basically by attaching electrodes to his patients brain he was able to induce facial expressions, sad, happy, surprised etc. Boulogne describes this image thusly: “an old toothless man, with a thin face, whose features, without being absolutely ugly, approached ordinary triviality” Nice right?

By today’s standard this procedure is nothing short of barbaric. However de Boulonge’s work formed the basis of modern neurology and helped advance our knowledge (good or bad) of electro shock therapy.



Duchenne de Boulogne (Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand) or more commonly just Duchenne de Boulogne was a French neurologist who revived Galvani’s research and greatly advanced the science of electrophysiology. The era of modern neurology developed from Duchenne’s understanding of neural pathways, his revelations of the effect of lesions on these structures, and his diagnostic innovations including deep tissue biopsy, nerve conduction tests (NCS), and clinical photography.

This image is of of Duchenne de Boulogne performing one of his experiments in the facial expressions of man using electrostimulus. By todays starndard this proceedure is nothing short of barbaric. However de Boulonge’s work formed the bases of much of what we know about the effects good or bad of electro shock therapy.

This print is printed on the Mohawk Felt White textured paper is colour. The flet textured paper provides that authentic feel while still mainting full print quaulity.

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