Galileo’s Sketches of the Moon – Sidereus Nuncius – 1610


This is one Galileo's most famous sketches. The phases of the moon. Although today we completely understand the mechanics behind the phases, try and imagine what it must have been like in 1610!

These sketches contained within the pages of Sidereus Nuncius helped form the foundations of modern astronomy.



Sidereus Nuncius or “Starry Messanger,” is a short astronomical treatise, (Something like a small pamphlet) that was written by Galileo Galilei on March 13, 1610. What makes it so special? It was the first published document based on the observation made through a telescope!

It contained his observations of the imperfect mountainous moon, hundreds more stars that weren’t visible with the naked eye, and even the moons of Jupiter.

Galileo’s Sketches of the Moon

Sidereus Nuncius, Image 23

While observing the Moon, Galileo saw that where night separated day there were lighter and darker regions. From this he was able to figure out, pretty accurately that not only was he looking at mountains, but the biggest was about 6 milometers high. The sketches, and scientific observations contained within the pages of Sidereus Nuncius helped form the foundations of modern day astronomy.

This print is the combination of four pages describing the phases of the moon. We have restored the images and added them together to create this beautiful print. Included with this gift set is a detailed profile page that describes the piece and the history behind it, and of course, labels to add that museum feel. Presented in a unique way this is a fantastic gift for students of astronomy and science. And can act as inspiration and a reminder that sometimes all it takes is fresh observation to uncover something profound.

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What will you receive:

1 x Galileo Print
1 x Certificate that describes the piece, so you can become an expert!
1 x Set of stick on labels


Source Info

The Phases of the Moon – Sidereus Nuncius
Galileo Galilei
University of Cambridge
Public domain


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