Nikola Telsa Patent Print – The Speed Indicator – 1918


This is a patent print of Nikola Tesla’s Speed Indicator, 1918.

A perfect addition to any workshop or a perfect gift for an engineer or that car enthusiast we all know.



This is a patent print of Nikola Tesla’s Speed Indicator – A perfect addition to any workshop or a perfect gift for and engineer or somebody who just loves cars!
You will receive:

1 x Patent
1 x Profile Page
1 x 4 Page Patent description
2 x Labels
Multiple sizes available at checkout. Don’t see the size you need? We can custom trim these to your photo frame!

Want something bigger? Just let us know and we’ll quote it up!

Paper Choices:
Mohawk, felt texture, cream color -216gsm
Mohawk, felt texture, white color -216gsm
Parchment, smooth texture, Sage – 176gsm
Parchment, smooth texture, Salmon – 176gsm
Parchment, smooth texture, Natural – 176gsm
Parchment, smooth texture, Dark Natural – 176gsm
What’s the Cobble Difference?

1 – Research: We meticulously research every image we reproduce. We spend the time to request the highest quality imagery available directly from the source, and never compromise on quality.

2 – Enhancement: Every image is carefully repaired to remove crease marks and other artifacts of the ageing process. We enhance the colors and repair damage where applicable with the goal of making these images look new again.

3 – They are not just prints or drawings: We include a certificate that describes every single piece we make; this includes a brief biography of the creator and a brief history of what the piece you are looking and what it meant to society. Where possible we include all original paperwork and transcripts.

4 – Paper & Printing: All of our printing is done in-house; we don’t use regular old photo paper, or poster paper. We use professional grade, premium artistic paper stock sourced from far and wide to give you the best look & feel possible.


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